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Lady Natalie June

Passion, endurance, sincerity, leader, dedication and inspirational are all words that describe Mrs. Natalie Renele June.


A Stockton native, Natalie was born on November 1, 1981, to the loving parents of Robert and Patricia Lyons. She attended James Monroe Elementary School, John Marshall Middle School, and Lincoln High School. Growing up Natalie realized that she had a special love and desire to motivate and encourage people, especially young people. So, she pursued her goals by attending and graduating from the University of the Pacific and now holds a BA degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Mathematics and a Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


Beginning as a tutor, she broadened her horizons to include teaching, supporting teachers and students as an instructional Math coach, serving as the Principal at Aspire Rosa Parks Academy, the Director of Teacher Residency in the Central Valley and now the Regional Managing Clinical Director, over the Central Valley and Central Coast, with Alder Graduate School  of Education. She is respected and loved by others for simply being a “real” and warm person.


While she carries many obligations, her family remains a priority, Natalie ensures that her other covenant relationships as wife and mother are well maintained. She faithfully serves as her husband’s helpmate and is an involved mother for their daughters Semaj and Mila.

Tony and Natalie’s joyous marriage has taken Natalie’s community involvement to new heights, from minister’s wife, to Elder’s wife and now Pastor’s wife, in a matter of five years. Through their faith organization they’ve worked hand in hand to support and serve the community in many facets. 

Together, their involvement includes a semi-annual feeding the homeless program, clothes drive and toy drive, an annual serving our Stockton volunteer, a youth choir leader, children’s ministries mentor and teacher, week Christian character classes, academics tutor for our education department and theatrical seasonal programs co-coordinator. Natalie’s endeavor in life is to motivate others through love and by being an example.


She carries a central message with her: value others and your relationships and share what you’ve been given with others.

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