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Dr. Tony E. June Jr.

Pastor Tony E. June Jr. understood from a very young age that he wasn’t just called but chosen to dedicate his life to God. He has endeavored to live a life that is uplifting to God’s kingdom and is well known in his community as a man of wisdom, integrity, and purpose.

Pastor June was born May 12, 1980 to Tony June Sr., of Los Angeles, CA and Sherri Ames, of Stockton, CA. At a very young age, family and friends lovingly called him the “little professor”. Coming from humble beginnings, Pastor June always felt that there was something better for him, than the environment that was around him. Growing up in a broken home and a drug infested neighborhood, he believed that he didn’t have to be a product of his environment. He is grateful to God for the upbringing by his grandmother and great-grandmother and the making and molding of his childhood.

He received his primary and secondary education in Stockton, CA and began working and attending High School at age 14. Pastor June graduated from Alonzo Stagg High School and San Joaquin County Vocational School for Janitorial and Landscaping. He also has some formal training in Financing from San Joaquin Delta College. In November of 2012, Dr. June received his Doctorate of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian University. He also holds his B.S. Degree in Human Services with a Concentration in Management from the University of Phoenix. Pastor June works as a Supervisor of Customer Support &
Policy for the Department of Defense. Pastor June has never had a problem with being disciplined enough to work and receive training for what God said that he could attain.

He accepted his calling at age 15 and preached his first sermon at Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Pastor Jason Hunt Sr. His great grandmother Bertha Ames had a great hand in his natural and spiritual upbringing. She maintained a house of prayer and brought him up in the fear of the Lord. However, it wasn’t until Pastor June attended The New Greater Love Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of the late Dr. Supt. L.A. Larkins that he truly began to understand another territory of his ministry.

The New Greater Love was also the place where Pastor June met and married his wife, Natalie Lyons of Stockton, CA, in June of 2003. To which this union has produced two wonderful daughters, Semaj and Mila. Pastor June accredits his wife for much of the creativity and growth in his ministry. His wife Natalie has always been a woman of truth, support, and conviction.

Pastor June is also committed to advising and feeding God’s sheep. He has been admonished for his time management skills, organization and innovative and interactive teaching techniques. He holds fast to the principle that whatever skill and or gift you possess in your natural life, it is intended to be used to build God’s house and His people. Pastor June knows that you must build God’s people in order to build God’s kingdom. He sows into God’s people by investing love, training and time. Young or old, Pastor June knows how to relate to individuals and make the Word of God plain, without any sugarcoating or unrealistic promises. Because of this, God is adding to the ministry daily, as promised. Souls are being saved, minds are being empowered and relationships are being restored. Pastor Tony June has given the community hope and brings a fresh anointing to his organization.

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